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Have you been chomping at the bit to get out and travel? Perhaps, after being stuck inside for longer than we all thought, you’re feeling more adventurous than usual. Either way, you are not alone.

New research suggests that more people than ever before are itching to spread their (airplane) wings and fly. We have collected some of the most compelling and interesting pieces of research and listed them below. Be sure to let us know if you have travel plans and check out to make all your budget travel plans.

Travel Confidence

Many people (43%) feel extremely or very confident in their plans

Parents on the Move

Parents are 2x more likely to have traveled since the start of the pandemic and they’re planning trips earlier in 2021.

’tis the Season to Travel

60% of travelers say they’re planning a post-pandemic trip within the next 9 months

Familiar Destinations

“We may be dreaming of that big bucket list trip, but what travelers are actually planning so far this year are visits to familiar destinations (24%), a road trip or a beach trip (30%), or weekend getaway (26%).”
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